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As a boy, he wanted to be a farmer but, unable to make up his mind and pick one of the many trades he was so keen of, Pedro Franca Pinto eventually ended up going to Law School. There are still plenty of activities that he’d love to experiment, and he says, half-jokingly, that he’s been trying to cease being a lawyer for 16 years. Restless by nature, he’s a kind of modern-day Renaissance Man. In 2013, while doing a lot of legal consultancy in real estate, tourism, and corporate restructuring, he created Belong, initiated his project of organically-produced agriculture and started to shape a new accommodation concept capable of connecting people to their deepest core. He insists in the importance of “being” and “living”. A sentimental sybarite, he loves to be a father, and at Craveiral one of his favorite things to do is to take swim just before the sun sets.




Born in France, he grew up in a multicultural environment where several languages were spoken, and this inspired his path. The son of Portuguese emigrants, João de Azevedo Canilho understood early in life that home is a place that we build, the place we choose to live in.

A citizen of the world, passionate about the identity of each place, he is a tireless traveler who dives into the culture and the history of every new stop.

After several years working at a multinational telecommunications group, he felt the urge to start fresh. As founding partner at Soportugal, he chose the tourism sector to share his vision of the world. A tribute to his Portuguese roots and the city of Lisbon, which takes shape in the Casa Amora.



A graphic designer who cultivates the art of hosting, Luís Miguel Capinha has beauty, art and culture in his DNA. Maybe because he was born at Caldas da Rainha, the richness of the colors and the expressivity of the forms of the Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics have marked his imagination. A designer with a welcoming spirit, he deeply understands the importance of details, visible in the atmosphere that is created and in the way we make others feel welcome. His experience as co-founder of Soportugal/ Casa Amora, whose identity and concept he has developed, was the first step towards a more tranquil, but equally creative life.


Syncing with nature.